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This website offers information and images that are free to read and look at but are copyrighted and cannot be copied and used elsewhere without the written consent by the author.

By visiting this website and using any of the information and recommendations found here, you agree to accept all responsibility for your actions. You also agree to release the author from all liability.

The claims and recommendations made by the author are merely informational and are based on his opinions. Nothing is guaranteed and no part of his claims and recommendations shall be used in lieu of professional medical advice.

My Privacy Policy

This website may use cookies by a third-party (Google) which is for statistical purposes only.

Basic information such as IP address, browser type, device type, general location, referrer, time, and date may be gathered when you visit this website. This is consistent with what happens just about everywhere on the Internet.

My server automatically logs data as indicated above and is controlled by the hosting company that provides this service. Subsequently, this logging feature is beyond my control and I have no idea how long this data is stored or if it is used in a manner that I’m not aware of.

I do not track you outside of this website. The data gathered as indicated above is used by me to analyze traffic numbers and optimize this website to better serve my visitors and hopefully acquire more.

When you send a message or leave a comment I do not store any personally identifying information. Your email address is discarded immediately after use. Obviously, only your name or handle may be retained when leaving a comment on the website.

Author Statement
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Hi, I'm Dave Colton and this is my male enhancement portal.

I am a retired urologist with 13 years experience in the field.

This site was created to be both fun and informative and my product reviews offer my expert and honest opinions.

Please contact me for any questions regarding penis enlargement or enhancement and I will respond ASAP.

Thank you for visiting!