Bathmate Hydromax Review - It Changed My Life

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bathmate hydromax

What you are about to read in this Bathmate review just might change your life. It changed mine.

If having massive erections, more length, and a lot more girth is what you want then keep reading. If you’re having issues with erection hardness then keep reading. If you simply enjoy using a penis pump then keep reading.

Basically, I think that the new line of Bathmate pumps are some of the best made, most effective, and most fun products that you can buy for your penis. It can also make positive changes to your love life and your self-esteem.

How the Bathmate Hydromax Works

Bathmate has a new line of penis pumps that started in 2018. They are the Hydromax5, 7, and 9. These are really the same awesome pumps that we had in previous years only the name has changed for marketing purposes. The numbers represent the size of the pump so that you can get one that fits your erection size.

The Hydromax pumps can work with either air or water – I prefer water – warm water to be exact. You fill the tube with water (this can be done in or out of the bath) and then place it over your penis. Then simply press the pump to your body to start the pumping process. It works extremely well and will get you hard in a matter of seconds!

The nice thing about the Bathmate Hydromax is that you do not have to be hard to start pumping. These pumps have a large opening so that there is nothing to interfere with starting or ending your pumping sessions. That is just one of many things that I love about the Hydromax line.

My Review of the Bathmate Hydromax

I bought the Hydromax5 for this review. The 5 is for guys with an erect length of not more than 5 inches.

My very first working experience with it was enjoyable because I could see my erection increase in girth and length while in the cylinder. I achieved this in like 30 seconds! Every time I used the pump the result was positive.

I was somewhat anxious pumping in the beginning; nevertheless, I soon noticed that it’s a rather fun sensation. My penis felt very good under the pressure of the system and I would keep it going for about 20 minutes per session.

On more than one occasion I used the Hydromax5 just before love-making. Throughout intercourse my hard-on held up really well and my sensitivity was about the same. Afterwards I did notice that my willy dangled a little lower which told me that the pump was doing more for me than just strengthening my erections.

I make use of the Hydromax5 to enlarge my shaft and to provide my woman with something to remember. Apparently I don’t mind displaying it to her and I do that an awful lot these days! What’s awesome is that she appears to be more pleased with my member much more than before.

I feel this product has helped build a happy and healthy transformation to our sex-lives. It has also made me feel sexier even though I’ve only added a small amount of permanent size since starting with my Bathmate.

Even now I continue to use this pump. I hope to gain at least an inch in length and I think that that is a realistic goal after reviewing the Hydromax5.

bathmate hydromax with water


  • Gets me hard very fast.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can help build size the more I use it.
  • Fun to use.
  • Makes for stronger erections.
  • Provides safe levels of pressure.


  • It’s somewhat addicting!
  • If I hit 6 inches I’ll have to buy the Hydromax7.

Don’t let the simple design of this pump fool you; I believe that this is for serious penis enlargement and/or enhancement because I have seen small changes to my own penis.

Bad Side-Effects with the Hydromax

While evaluating my Hydromax5 I never experienced anything that I would call “bad”. At first I was a little anxious and pumped too fast which resulted in a little discomfort but I soon learned to go slower and my penis responded perfectly.

According to Bathmate, the Hydromax5, 7, and 9 cannot be pumped to dangerous levels. They are designed to reach high pressures but within tolerable limits similar to those set by the FDA. The only time you might have an issue is if you pump too long – like more than 30 minutes. There’s no reason to pump that long and if you do then expect to have problems. 15 to 20 minutes per session is plenty to get the benefits from any Bathmate system.

Who Should Consider the Bathmate Hydromax?

Obviously, guys who want a thicker penis and more length should get this pump. For men who are having erectile dysfunction issues or just need stronger erections, then the Hydromax5, 7, or 9 would be excellent choices. Lastly, if you’ve used conventional pumps in the past and enjoy pumping then you’ll really like these Bathmate pumps. Using water and the way that these systems work makes the experience much better than doing things the old way and it’s safer too.

More About the Hydromax5, 7, and 9

Each Bathmate model has a pump bellows with a soft sealing comfort ring. This ring is intended to provide less pressure and more comfort around the base of the penis and testicle area. The pump bellows also has 360 degree rotation functionality so that you can rotate it to your needs.

There’s a metric and imperial measurement scale on the cylinder of the pumps which you can use as a reference during enlargement.

Texturing on the vacuum tube is standard and is there to give you a better grip and more control.

Which Size Hydromax Should You Get?

  • If you’re less than 5 inches erect then get the Hydromax5.
  • If you’re between 5 and 7 inches erect then get the Hydromax7.
  • If you’re between 7 and 9 inches erect then get the Hydromax9.
  • If you’re too big for the Hydromax9 then you’ll have to step up to the more expensive HydroXtreme11.

Wrapping Up My Review

holding the bathmate pump

Without saying much more I think you can see how this review just might change your life in a positive way. I like what this system has done for me 100%.

I recommend getting a Bathmate Hydromax to anyone who wants simple enhancement or permanent enlargement. This is one of those products that will serve you well and is totally worth the money.

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